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23-F: la película (2011)

23-F: la película

2011/2/23 105 min.
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The director Chema de La Peña brings to the big screen for the first time the events of the coup attempt in Spain in the early eighties; De La Peña worked for hand in hand with Antón Laguna in the artistic direction and with the brothers Gonzalo and Ignacio Salazar Simpson; the adaptation of the script was the responsibility of the writer Joaquín Andújar; and the film was premiered on February 23, 2011, and has a duration of one hundred exact minutes.

The film has the presence of the main actors of the Iberian Peninsula, such as Paco Tous, Fernando Cayo, Juan Diego Ruiz Moreno, Mariano Venancio, Luis Marco Fernández, Gines García Millán, José Luis Castro Zaheda, Pedro Manuel Ortiz Dominguez, Luis Callejo Martínez, Joan Pera, Manuel Fernández Serrano, José Manuel Seda Gómez, Juan Manuel Lara Lara and last but not least Aitor Mazo Etxaniz.

This very good film begins with the capture of the Palacio de las Cortez, in Madrid, the Spanish capital. The operation called Duke of Smoked was underway, in front of the Civil Guard was Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Tejero, who with two hundred men armed with rifles broke into the hemicycle with the cry of "Quieto Everyone" and stopped the raid as President of the Republic of the candidate for the political party Union of Democratic Center, Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo.

Inside the room was the vice president of the republic, the Army General Manuel Gutiérrez Mellado, who orders him as a superior officer to Tejero and his troop to put down the weapons and surrender immediately; obviously the commander of the Civil Guard ignores and continues with the operation; the spirits went up and the struggles between them began, Antonio Tejero drew his arm and shot a few times towards the ceiling; Now those present knew that he spoke very seriously and will give up easily.

Meanwhile, King Juan Carlos I tries to contain the spirits in the high military command; discontent in the civil and military population is reaching its limit, the economic crisis is hitting the country and the problems to achieve a consensus in the territorial division is increasingly difficult; the King does not want a confrontation between the Armed Forces, that is why he uses the civil order forces to keep citizens out of the way and avoid a major conflict.

Several hours have passed since the capture of the Palacio de las Cortez; while in the province of Valencia another military movement rumbles, the Captain-General of the third military region, Jaime Milan del Bosch and his men stand up and join the coup d'etat.

Milan del Bosh takes the city of Valencia and decrees a state of exception for all citizens, sends the entire motorized brigade to travel the streets to maintain order and avoid the actions of local police forces; but as if that were not enough, it also strategically positions war vehicles in and out of the city, in order to repel any government attack.

The monarchy already represented by King Juan Carlos I gave everything practically for lost, even more when the King's trusted man within the Armed Forces and second Chief of Staff General Alfonso Armada informs the King that the only peaceful way of ending all that is dialoguing and offering a transitional government; but Armada is also behind the coup and wants to come to power without anyone suspecting it.

Original title 23-F: la película
TMDb Rating 5.5 14 votes

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