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Titanic 2 (2010)

Titanic 2

100 years later, lightning strikes twice 2010/8/7 90 min.
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Shane Van Dyke
Shane Van Dyke


Shane Van Dyke is Hayden Walsh
Shane Van Dyke
Hayden Walsh
Marie Westbrook is Amy Maine
Marie Westbrook
Amy Maine
Bruce Davison is James Maine
Bruce Davison
James Maine
Brooke Burns is Dr. Kim Patterson
Brooke Burns
Dr. Kim Patterson
Michelle Glavan is Kelly Wade
Michelle Glavan
Kelly Wade
Carey Van Dyke is Elmer Coolidge
Carey Van Dyke
Elmer Coolidge
Dylan Vox is Dwayne Stevens
Dylan Vox
Dwayne Stevens
Wittly Jourdan is Elijia Stacks
Wittly Jourdan
Elijia Stacks
Myles Cranford is Admiral Wes Hadley
Myles Cranford
Admiral Wes Hadley
Joshua Michael is Elliot Snipes
Joshua Michael
Elliot Snipes


On the a hundredth anniversary of the authentic voyage, a cutting-edge luxurious liner christened "Titanic 2," follows the path of its namesake. But whilst a tsunami hurls an ice berg into the brand new ship's direction, the passengers and group should fight to avoid a comparable fate.

Original title Titanic II
TMDb Rating 3.4 107 votes

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