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The Expendables (2010)

The Expendables

Choose Your Weapon. 2010/8/3 103 min.
Average: 6.1 (4919 votes)
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Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone


Sylvester Stallone is Barney Ross
Sylvester Stallone
Barney Ross
Jason Statham is Lee Christmas
Jason Statham
Lee Christmas
Dolph Lundgren is Gunnar Jensen
Dolph Lundgren
Gunnar Jensen
Eric Roberts is Monroe
Eric Roberts
Randy Couture is Toll Road
Randy Couture
Toll Road
Steve Austin is Dan Paine
Steve Austin
Dan Paine
David Zayas is General Garza
David Zayas
General Garza
Jet Li is Yin Yang
Jet Li
Yin Yang
Giselle Itié is Sandra
Giselle Itié
Terry Crews is Hale Caesar
Terry Crews
Hale Caesar


Barney Ross leads a band of tremendously professional mercenaries together with knife enthusiast Lee Christmas, a martial arts expert, heavy weapons professional, demolitionist, and a unfastened-cannon sniper. When the group is commissioned by the mysterious Mr. Church to assassinate the dictator of a small South American island, Barney and Lee visit the remote locale to scout out their opposition and find out the real nature of the struggle engulfing the metropolis.

Original title The Expendables
TMDb Rating 6.1 4919 votes

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