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LelleBelle (2010)


2010/10/9 89 Min.
Average: 4.7 (40 votes)
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Mischa Kamp
Mischa Kamp


Anna Raadsveld is Lellebelle
Anna Raadsveld
Benja Bruijning is Jesse
Benja Bruijning
Charlie Dagelet is Yukshi
Charlie Dagelet
Tom Van Landuyt is Vincent
Tom Van Landuyt
Renée Fokker is Moeder Belle
Renée Fokker
Moeder Belle
Joost Bolt is Hendrik
Joost Bolt
Isis Cabolet is Zus Belle
Isis Cabolet
Zus Belle


This is British film made in 2013 as written by a British-Nigerian screenwriter Misan Sagay, directed by Amma Asante and produced by Darmian Jones. The movie have a lot of stars like Gugu Mbatha-Raw an English actress, Tom Wilkinson an English actor, famous for his role as Gerald in the film The Full Monty, Miranda Richardson an English actress of cinema, television and theater, Penelope Wilton a British actress, Sam Reid a British-Australian actor, Matthew Goode a British actor and Emily Watson. It was released on September 8, 2013 in the United States and on May 2, 2014 in the UK. It has a total running time of 104 minutes with a budget of $10.9 million racking up $16.5million at the Box Office.
Elizabeth Belle was given birth to in 1761. She is a daughter to Maria who is an African woman in the shackles of slavery in West Indies. His father is a captain in the British Royal Navy. Dido’s mother died in the year 1765 and her father, Captain Lindsay, immediately took her away from the West Indies locality and put her under trust with his uncle named William Murray who is a Lord Chief Justice and lives at Kenwood House in Hampstead far away from London.
The Chief Justice groomed Dido as a freewoman together with Elizabeth Murray who also happen to live with them since her mother had died and her dad had remarried another woman. When these two cousins grew up as adults, the Mansfield published an oil portrait of them, although Dido was not happy to sit for it with the premonitions that it will make her look like an assistant and second fiddle which is quite similar to many other portraits she'd seen showing highly placed people with servants that are black. Her father died and leaves behind a sum of £2,000 for her daughter, enough to transform her into an heiress.
On the contrary, Lady Elizabeth does not have any such thing from her father since her father's new wife's son was named his only heir. Several preparations were made for Elizabeth to come out into the community but Lord and Lady Mansfield are of the premonitions that no man will consent to marry Dido due to her racial status and so decided that she travel to London with her cousin.
Lord Mansfield consents to John Dauvinier as a law apprentice under him and in 1783, he hears a case regarding the payment of an insurance claim by slaves that are killed by a captain in a slave ship. Dido assists her uncle with correspondence as Mansfield and John disagreed on the main issue of the case. The latter was warned not to see Dido anymore especially as his apprenticeship has been terminated. The Lord's sister ensured that Dido gets engaged with Oliver Ashford. James courted Elizabeth for a while but fails to continue when he noticed she will be entitled to no inheritance whatsoever.
Oliver proposed to Dido even as he doesn't have fortune enough to even through as the latter threatens she'll disgrace his family name. Dido informs Elizabeth of his character and says she'll gift her some of her inheritance for her dowry. John informs Lord Mansfield about his love for Dido and she breaks up her engagement with Olivier. She got relieved when the painting gets unveiled portraying her and Elizabeth as equal. Lord Mansfield agreed that John resumes his apprenticeship under him so that he can also become a lawyer as Dido and him kissed themselves to confirm their feelings of emotion.

Original title LelleBelle
TMDb Rating 4.7 40 votes

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