Inception (2010)


Your mind is the scene of the crime. 2010/7/15 148 Min.
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8.3 21659 votes


Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan


Leonardo DiCaprio is Dom Cobb
Leonardo DiCaprio
Dom Cobb
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Arthur
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Ellen Page is Ariadne
Ellen Page
Tom Hardy is Zak Eames
Tom Hardy
Zak Eames
Ken Watanabe is Mr. Saito
Ken Watanabe
Mr. Saito
Cillian Murphy is Robert Fischer
Cillian Murphy
Robert Fischer
Marion Cotillard is Mal Cobb
Marion Cotillard
Mal Cobb
Michael Caine is Stephen Miles
Michael Caine
Stephen Miles
Dileep Rao is Yusuf
Dileep Rao
Tom Berenger is Peter Browning
Tom Berenger
Peter Browning


Cobb, a professional thief who commits corporate espionage by using infiltrating the unconscious of his goals is obtainable a risk to regain his old life as fee for a venture considered to be impossible: "inception", the implantation of any other individual's idea into a goal's subconscious.

Original title Inception
TMDb Rating 8.3 21659 votes

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