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How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

How to Train Your Dragon

One adventure will change two worlds 2010/3/10 100 min.
Average: 7.7 (8244 votes)
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Chris Sanders
Chris Sanders
Dean DeBlois
Dean DeBlois


Jay Baruchel is Hiccup  Horrendous Haddock III (voice)
Jay Baruchel
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (voice)
Gerard Butler is Stoick the Vast (voice)
Gerard Butler
Stoick the Vast (voice)
Craig Ferguson is Gobber the Belch (voice)
Craig Ferguson
Gobber the Belch (voice)
America Ferrera is Astrid Hofferson (voice)
America Ferrera
Astrid Hofferson (voice)
Jonah Hill is Snotlout Jorgenson (voice)
Jonah Hill
Snotlout Jorgenson (voice)
Christopher Mintz-Plasse is Fishlegs Ingerman (voice)
Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Fishlegs Ingerman (voice)
T.J. Miller is Tuffnut Thorston (voice)
T.J. Miller
Tuffnut Thorston (voice)
Kristen Wiig is Ruffnut Thorston (voice)
Kristen Wiig
Ruffnut Thorston (voice)
David Tennant is Spitelout (voice)
David Tennant
Spitelout (voice)
Robin Atkin Downes is Ack (voice)
Robin Atkin Downes
Ack (voice)


As the son of a Viking leader on the cusp of manhood, shy Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III faces a ceremony of passage: he need to kill a dragon to show his warrior mettle. But after downing a feared dragon, he realizes that he now not desires to spoil it, and alternatively befriends the beast – which he names Toothless – much to the chagrin of his warrior father

Original title How to Train Your Dragon
TMDb Rating 7.7 8244 votes

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