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Star Trek (2009)

Star Trek

The future begins. 2009/5/6 127 min.
Average: 7.4 (6749 votes)
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J.J. Abrams
J.J. Abrams


Chris Pine is James T. Kirk
Chris Pine
James T. Kirk
Zachary Quinto is Spock
Zachary Quinto
Leonard Nimoy is Spock Prime
Leonard Nimoy
Spock Prime
Eric Bana is Nero
Eric Bana
Bruce Greenwood is Christopher Pike
Bruce Greenwood
Christopher Pike
Karl Urban is Leonard 'Bones' McCoy
Karl Urban
Leonard 'Bones' McCoy
Zoe Saldana is Nyota Uhura
Zoe Saldana
Nyota Uhura
Simon Pegg is Montgomery Scott
Simon Pegg
Montgomery Scott
John Cho is Hikaru Sulu
John Cho
Hikaru Sulu
Anton Yelchin is Pavel Chekov
Anton Yelchin
Pavel Chekov


The destiny of the galaxy rests in the arms of sour opponents. One, James Kirk, is a delinquent, thrill-looking for Iowa farm boy. The other, Spock, a Vulcan, changed into raised in a common sense-based totally society that rejects all emotion. As fiery instinct clashes with calm purpose, their not likely but powerful partnership is the only issue capable of main their crew via impossible chance, boldly going in which nobody has gone earlier than. The human adventure has started again.

Original title Star Trek
TMDb Rating 7.4 6749 votes

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