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District 9 (2009)

District 9

You are not welcome here. 2009/8/5 112 Min.
Average: 7.3 (5772 votes)
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Neill Blomkamp
Neill Blomkamp


Sharlto Copley is Wikus van der Merwe
Sharlto Copley
Wikus van der Merwe
Jason Cope is Christopher Johnson / Grey Bradnam / Trent
Jason Cope
Christopher Johnson / Grey Bradnam / Trent
Nathalie Boltt is Sarah Livingstone - Sociologist
Nathalie Boltt
Sarah Livingstone - Sociologist
Sylvaine Strike is Dr Katrina McKenzie
Sylvaine Strike
Dr Katrina McKenzie
Elizabeth Mkandawie is Interviewee
Elizabeth Mkandawie
John Sumner is Les Feldman - MIL Engineer
John Sumner
Les Feldman - MIL Engineer
William Allen Young is Dirk Michaels
William Allen Young
Dirk Michaels
Nick Blake is Francois Moraneu - CIV Engineer Team
Nick Blake
Francois Moraneu - CIV Engineer Team
Greg Melvill-Smith is Interviewer
Greg Melvill-Smith
Robert Hobbs is Ross Pienaar
Robert Hobbs
Ross Pienaar


Thirty years ago, extraterrestrial beings arrive on Earth. Not to triumph over or supply useful resource, but to discover refuge from their death planet. Separated from humans in a South African region known as District nine, the aliens are managed by Multi-National United, that is unconcerned with the extraterrestrial beings' welfare but will do anything to grasp their superior generation. When a employer area agent contracts a mysterious virus that starts to adjust his DNA, there may be handiest one location he can disguise: District 9.

Original title District 9
TMDb Rating 7.3 5772 votes

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