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Stargate: Continuum (2008)

Stargate: Continuum

History may never repeat itself again. 2008/7/29 98 min.
Average: 6.9 (230 votes)
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Martin Wood
Martin Wood


Ben Browder is Colonel Cameron Mitchell
Ben Browder
Colonel Cameron Mitchell
Amanda Tapping is Colonel Samantha Carter
Amanda Tapping
Colonel Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge is Teal'c
Christopher Judge
Michael Shanks is Dr. Daniel Jackson
Michael Shanks
Dr. Daniel Jackson
Claudia Black is Vala Mal Doran
Claudia Black
Vala Mal Doran
Beau Bridges is Major General Hank Landry
Beau Bridges
Major General Hank Landry
Richard Dean Anderson is Major General Jack O'Neill
Richard Dean Anderson
Major General Jack O'Neill
Cliff Simon is Ba'al
Cliff Simon
Don S. Davis is Lieutenant General George Hammond
Don S. Davis
Lieutenant General George Hammond
William Devane is President Henry Hayes
William Devane
President Henry Hayes


Ba'al travels back in time and stops the Stargate application from being started. SG-1 have to someway repair records.

Original title Stargate: Continuum
TMDb Rating 6.9 230 votes

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