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Barbie and the Diamond Castle (2008)

Barbie and the Diamond Castle

2008/1/1 78 min.
Average: 7.1 (424 votes)
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Gino Nichele
Gino Nichele


Kelly Sheridan is Barbie / Liana (voice)
Kelly Sheridan
Barbie / Liana (voice)
Melissa Lyons is Barbie / Liana (singing voice)
Melissa Lyons
Barbie / Liana (singing voice)
Cassidy Ladden is Teresa / Alexa (voice)
Cassidy Ladden
Teresa / Alexa (voice)
Chantal Strand is Stacie (voice)
Chantal Strand
Stacie (voice)
Maryke Hendrikse is Melody (voice)
Maryke Hendrikse
Melody (voice)
Lara Janine is Melody (singing voice)
Lara Janine
Melody (singing voice)
Kathleen Barr is Lydia (voice)
Kathleen Barr
Lydia (voice)
Mark Acheson is Slyder (voice)
Mark Acheson
Slyder (voice)
Scott McNeil is Troll (voice) (as Scott Mcneil)
Scott McNeil
Troll (voice) (as Scott Mcneil)
Jeremy From is Jeremy (voice)
Jeremy From
Jeremy (voice)


Liana and Alexa (Barbie and Teresa) are high-quality pals who share everything, inclusive of their love of singing. One day whilst walking through the forest domestic from the village, the ladies meet an old beggar who offers them a mystical reflect. As they smooth the reflect and sing, a musical apprentice muse named Melody seems in the mirror's floor, and tells the ladies about the name of the game of the Diamond Castle.

Original title Barbie and the Diamond Castle
TMDb Rating 7.1 424 votes

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