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Ocean's Thirteen (2007)

Ocean's Thirteen

What are the odds of getting even? 13 to one. 2007/6/6 122 min.
Average: 6.7 (3795 votes)
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Steven Soderbergh
Steven Soderbergh


George Clooney is Daniel Ocean
George Clooney
Daniel Ocean
Brad Pitt is Rusty Ryan
Brad Pitt
Rusty Ryan
Matt Damon is Linus Caldwell
Matt Damon
Linus Caldwell
Andy García is Terry Benedict
Andy García
Terry Benedict
Don Cheadle is Basher Tarr
Don Cheadle
Basher Tarr
Bernie Mac is Frank Catton
Bernie Mac
Frank Catton
Ellen Barkin is Abigail Sponder
Ellen Barkin
Abigail Sponder
Al Pacino is Willy Bank
Al Pacino
Willy Bank
Elliott Gould is Reuben Tishkoff
Elliott Gould
Reuben Tishkoff
Casey Affleck is Virgil Malloy
Casey Affleck
Virgil Malloy


Danny Ocean's crew of criminals are again and composing a plan more personal than ever. When ruthless on line casino proprietor Willy Bank doublecrosses Reuben Tishkoff, causing a coronary heart assault, Danny Ocean vows that he and his group will do anything to deliver down Willy Bank at the side of the entirety he is were given. Even if it method soliciting for help from an enemy.

Original title Ocean's Thirteen
TMDb Rating 6.7 3795 votes

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