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Superman Returns (2006)

Superman Returns

On June 30, 2006! Look Up In The Sky! 2006/6/28 154 min.
Average: 5.6 (2546 votes)
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Bryan Singer
Bryan Singer


Brandon Routh is Superman / Clark Kent
Brandon Routh
Superman / Clark Kent
Kevin Spacey is Lex Luthor
Kevin Spacey
Lex Luthor
Kate Bosworth is Lois Lane
Kate Bosworth
Lois Lane
James Marsden is Richard White
James Marsden
Richard White
Parker Posey is Kitty Kowalski
Parker Posey
Kitty Kowalski
Frank Langella is Perry White
Frank Langella
Perry White
Sam Huntington is Jimmy Olsen
Sam Huntington
Jimmy Olsen
Eva Marie Saint is Martha Kent
Eva Marie Saint
Martha Kent
Marlon Brando is Jor-El
Marlon Brando
Kal Penn is Stanford
Kal Penn


Superman returns to discover his five-year absence has allowed Lex Luthor to stroll unfastened, and that the ones he was closest to felt deserted and feature moved on. Luthor plots his ultimate revenge that might see tens of millions killed and change the face of the planet all the time, in addition to ridding himself of the Man of Steel.

Original title Superman Returns
TMDb Rating 5.6 2546 votes

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