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Cars (2006)


Ahhh... it's got that new movie smell. 2006/6/8 117 min.
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John Lasseter
John Lasseter


Owen Wilson is Lightning McQueen (voice)
Owen Wilson
Lightning McQueen (voice)
Paul Newman is Doc Hudson (voice)
Paul Newman
Doc Hudson (voice)
Bonnie Hunt is Sally Carrera (voice)
Bonnie Hunt
Sally Carrera (voice)
Larry the Cable Guy is Mater (voice)
Larry the Cable Guy
Mater (voice)
Tony Shalhoub is Luigi (voice)
Tony Shalhoub
Luigi (voice)
Cheech Marin is Ramone (voice)
Cheech Marin
Ramone (voice)
Michael Wallis is Sheriff (voice)
Michael Wallis
Sheriff (voice)
George Carlin is Fillmore (voice)
George Carlin
Fillmore (voice)
Paul Dooley is Sarge (voice)
Paul Dooley
Sarge (voice)
Jenifer Lewis is Flo (voice)
Jenifer Lewis
Flo (voice)


A 2006 activity parody film delivered by Pixar Animation Studios and discharged by Walt Disney Pictures. Coordinated and co-composed by John Lasseter. Set in a world populated absolutely by human autos and a variety of vehicles
Discharged in the United States on June 9th 2006, to basic and business achievement, it netted $462.2 million worldwide against a financial plan of $120 million.
In a world filled with talking human vehicles, the Piston Cup final race title concludes in a 3 man draw between "The King" Weathers,Chick Hicks, and Lightning McQueen. A sudden death round race is booked fora week later. Lightning who is quite anxious to win the competition, as it wouldn't nt just earn him the primary new kid on the block to get the Piston Cup, yet in addition enable him to leave the insufficient lifestyle provided by Rust-Eze, a guard balm organization, and enable him to assume The King's position on the esteemed and worthwhile Dinoco group.
After an arrest lightening is commanded by Judge Hudson to leave town right away. In any case, the nearby legal counselor Sally Carrera, demands that Lightning ought to rather be given community work to repair the street, to which Doc reluctantly concurs. Lightning attempts to repave the street as fast as could reasonably be expected yet does as such terribly and is compelled to repave the street once more. Amid this time, he gets closer to a majority of the occupants in the town and discovers that forty years back, Radiator Springs was a well-known spot area in the old U.S. road 66, yet it was circumvented with the development of area 40 thus for the most part, overlooked.

Lightning additionally finds that Hudson is the "Remarkable Hudson Hornet",three tim winner of thevPiston Cup whose profession finished with a mishap in 1954 after which he was immediately overlooked by the game. Lightning wraps up the street, reviving the town's occupants, and hangs out in Radiator Springs with his companions. All of a sudden, Mack and media drop on the town,after being tipped off to location of Lightning's area. Lightning half heartedly leaves to get to California in time to meet the race, meanwhile Sally rebukes Doc after finding out that he tipped the media.

At sudden death round, Lightning loses focus on the race as he remembers Sally and his other new companions, and he before long falls into the last spot. Astonished to find that Doc has taken over as his team boss, and a few different vehicles from back in Radiator Springs helping out, roused and reviewing traps he gained from Hudson and his companions, Lightning rapidly rises to top positio in the race into the last laps.

At last, Chick, declining to accept defeat to The King once more,angles The King sending him into a hazardous accident. Reviewing Doc's destiny, Lightning stops barely shy of the end goal, which enables to Chick emerge as the winner, and goes s back to pull The King across the finishing line. The group and media denounce Chick's triumph yet are awed with Lightnings display of sportsmanship. In spite of the fact that Dinoco offers him sponsorship,h rejects it and demands remaining with Rust-Eze becauseof devotion for their previous Help. Meanwhile in RadiatorSprings, Lightning comes back to rejoin Sally and declares that he will set up his central station there, returning Radiator Spring to the map.

Original title Cars
TMDb Rating 6.7 8615 votes

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