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The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

The Day After Tomorrow

Where will you be? 2004/5/26 124 min.
Average: 6.4 (4685 votes)
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Roland Emmerich
Roland Emmerich


Dennis Quaid is Jack Hall
Dennis Quaid
Jack Hall
Jake Gyllenhaal is Sam Hall
Jake Gyllenhaal
Sam Hall
Emmy Rossum is Laura Chapman
Emmy Rossum
Laura Chapman
Dash Mihok is Jason Evans
Dash Mihok
Jason Evans
Jay O. Sanders is Frank Harris
Jay O. Sanders
Frank Harris
Sela Ward is Dr. Lucy Hall
Sela Ward
Dr. Lucy Hall
Austin Nichols is J.D.
Austin Nichols
Arjay Smith is Brian Parks
Arjay Smith
Brian Parks
Tamlyn Tomita is Janet Tokada
Tamlyn Tomita
Janet Tokada
Sasha Roiz is Parker
Sasha Roiz


After years of increases inside the greenhouse effect, havoc is wreaked globally in the form of catastrophic hurricanes, tornadoes, tidal waves, floods and the beginning of a brand new Ice Age. Paleoclimatologist, Jack Hall tries to warn the arena while additionally shepherding to protection his son, trapped in New York after the city is crushed by way of the begin of the brand new huge freeze.

Original title The Day After Tomorrow
TMDb Rating 6.4 4685 votes

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