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The Assassination of Richard Nixon (2004)

The Assassination of Richard Nixon

The mad story of a true man. 2004/5/17 95 min.
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Niels Mueller
Niels Mueller


Sean Penn is Samuel Bicke
Sean Penn
Samuel Bicke
Naomi Watts is Marie Bicke
Naomi Watts
Marie Bicke
Don Cheadle is Bonny Simmons
Don Cheadle
Bonny Simmons
Jack Thompson is Jack Jones
Jack Thompson
Jack Jones
Nick Searcy is Tom Ford
Nick Searcy
Tom Ford
Michael Wincott is Julius Bicke
Michael Wincott
Julius Bicke
Mykelti Williamson is Harold Mann
Mykelti Williamson
Harold Mann
April Grace is Mae Simmons
April Grace
Mae Simmons
Lily Knight is Receptionist
Lily Knight
Jared Dorrance is Sammy Jr.
Jared Dorrance
Sammy Jr.


It’s 1974 and Sam Bicke has misplaced the whole lot. His wife leaves him together with his three youngsters, his boss fires him, his brother turns far from him, and the financial institution received’t supply him any money to start anew. He tries to locate a person accountable for his misfortunes and comes up with the President of the United States who he plans to murder.

Original title The Assassination of Richard Nixon
TMDb Rating 6.7 152 votes

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