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The Ring (2002)

The Ring

Before you die, you see 2002/10/18 115 min.
Average: 6.6 (3501 votes)
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Gore Verbinski
Gore Verbinski


Naomi Watts is Rachel Keller
Naomi Watts
Rachel Keller
Martin Henderson is Noah Clay
Martin Henderson
Noah Clay
David Dorfman is Aidan Keller
David Dorfman
Aidan Keller
Brian Cox is Richard Morgan
Brian Cox
Richard Morgan
Jane Alexander is Dr. Grasnik
Jane Alexander
Dr. Grasnik
Lindsay Frost is Ruth Embry
Lindsay Frost
Ruth Embry
Amber Tamblyn is Katie Embry
Amber Tamblyn
Katie Embry
Rachael Bella is Rebecca Kotler
Rachael Bella
Rebecca Kotler
Daveigh Chase is Samara Morgan
Daveigh Chase
Samara Morgan
Shannon Cochran is Anna Morgan
Shannon Cochran
Anna Morgan


It seemed like just another urban legend: A videotape filled with nightmarish pics, leading to a telephone name foretelling the viewer's dying in precisely seven days. As a newspaper reporter, Rachel Keller changed into certainly skeptical of the story, until 4 young adults all met with mysterious deaths precisely one week after looking just this kind of tape. Allowing her investigative interest to get the higher of her, Rachel tracks down the video... And watches it. Now she has simply seven days to resolve the thriller of the Ring.

Original title The Ring
TMDb Rating 6.6 3501 votes

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