Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000)

Gone in Sixty Seconds

Ice Cold, Hot Wired. 2000/6/9 118 Min.
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6.2 2424 votes


Dominic Sena
Dominic Sena


Nicolas Cage is Randall 'Memphis' Raines
Nicolas Cage
Randall 'Memphis' Raines
Giovanni Ribisi is Kip Raines
Giovanni Ribisi
Kip Raines
Angelina Jolie is Sara 'Sway' Wayland
Angelina Jolie
Sara 'Sway' Wayland
T.J. Cross is Mirror Man
T.J. Cross
Mirror Man
William Lee Scott is Toby
William Lee Scott
Scott Caan is Tumbler
Scott Caan
James Duval is Freb
James Duval
Will Patton is Atlee Jackson
Will Patton
Atlee Jackson
Delroy Lindo is (Det) Roland Castlebeck
Delroy Lindo
(Det) Roland Castlebeck
Timothy Olyphant is (Det) Drycoff
Timothy Olyphant
(Det) Drycoff


Upon learning that he has to pop out of retirement to scouse borrow 50 vehicles in one night time to store his brother Kip's lifestyles, former car thief Randall "Memphis" Raines enlists help from some "enhance glad" pals to accomplish a reputedly impossible feat. From limitless automobile chases to relentless law enforcement officials, the high-octane excitement builds as Randall swerves round a number of roadblocks to keep Kip alive.

Original title Gone in Sixty Seconds
TMDb Rating 6.2 2424 votes

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