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Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)

Pirates of Silicon Valley

The true story of how Bill Gates and Steve Jobs changed the world. 1999/5/10 97 min.
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Martyn Burke
Martyn Burke


Noah Wyle is Steve Jobs
Noah Wyle
Steve Jobs
Joey Slotnick is Steve Wozniak
Joey Slotnick
Steve Wozniak
J.G. Hertzler is Ridley Scott
J.G. Hertzler
Ridley Scott
Anthony Michael Hall is Bill Gates
Anthony Michael Hall
Bill Gates
Wayne Pére is Captain Crunch
Wayne Pére
Captain Crunch
Sheila Shaw is Mrs. Wozniak
Sheila Shaw
Mrs. Wozniak
Gema Zamprogna is Arlene
Gema Zamprogna
John DiMaggio is Steve Ballmer
John DiMaggio
Steve Ballmer
Josh Hopkins is Paul Allen
Josh Hopkins
Paul Allen
Gailard Sartain is Ed Roberts
Gailard Sartain
Ed Roberts


This movie is the semi-humorous documentary approximately the men who made the sector of generation what it's miles these days, their struggles throughout college, the founding of their businesses, and the inventive moves they took to build up the global company empires of Apple Computer Inc. And Microsoft Corporation.

Original title Pirates of Silicon Valley
TMDb Rating 7.1 307 votes

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