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The Thin Red Line (1998)

The Thin Red Line

Every man fights his own war. 1998/12/25 171 min.
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Terrence Malick
Terrence Malick


Sean Penn is 1st Sgt. Edward Welsh
Sean Penn
1st Sgt. Edward Welsh
Adrien Brody is Cpl. Geoffrey Fife
Adrien Brody
Cpl. Geoffrey Fife
Jim Caviezel is Pvt. Robert Witt
Jim Caviezel
Pvt. Robert Witt
Ben Chaplin is Pvt. Jack Bell
Ben Chaplin
Pvt. Jack Bell
George Clooney is Capt. Charles Bosche
George Clooney
Capt. Charles Bosche
John Cusack is Capt. John Gaff
John Cusack
Capt. John Gaff
Woody Harrelson is Sgt. William Keck
Woody Harrelson
Sgt. William Keck
Elias Koteas is Capt. James 'Bugger' Staros
Elias Koteas
Capt. James 'Bugger' Staros
Nick Nolte is Lt. Col. Gordon Tall
Nick Nolte
Lt. Col. Gordon Tall
John C. Reilly is Sgt. Maynard Storm
John C. Reilly
Sgt. Maynard Storm


Based on the image novel with the aid of James Jones, The Thin Red Line tells the story of a group of guys, an Army Rifle organisation known as C-for-Charlie, who trade, go through, and in the long run make crucial discoveries about themselves all through the fierce World War II battle of Guadalcanal. It follows their journey, from the wonder of an unopposed touchdown, via the bloody and hard battles that observe, to the ultimate departure of folks that survived. A powerful frontline solid - which include Sean Penn, Nick Nolte, Woody Harrelson and George Clooney - explodes into motion in this hauntingly sensible view of military and ethical chaos within the Pacific at some point of World War II.

Original title The Thin Red Line
TMDb Rating 7.4 1559 votes

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