Antz (1998)


Every ant has his day. 1998/10/2 83 Min.
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6.1 2667 votes


Eric Darnell
Eric Darnell
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson


Woody Allen is Z-4195 aka Z (voice)
Woody Allen
Z-4195 aka Z (voice)
Dan Aykroyd is Chip (voice)
Dan Aykroyd
Chip (voice)
Anne Bancroft is Queen (voice)
Anne Bancroft
Queen (voice)
Danny Glover is Barbatus (voice)
Danny Glover
Barbatus (voice)
Gene Hackman is General Mandible (voice)
Gene Hackman
General Mandible (voice)
Jane Curtin is Muffy (voice)
Jane Curtin
Muffy (voice)
Jennifer Lopez is Azteca (voice)
Jennifer Lopez
Azteca (voice)
John Mahoney is Grebs / Drunk Scout / Additional Voices (voice)
John Mahoney
Grebs / Drunk Scout / Additional Voices (voice)
Paul Mazursky is Psychologist (voice)
Paul Mazursky
Psychologist (voice)
Grant Shaud is Foreman (voice)
Grant Shaud
Foreman (voice)


In this lively hit, a neurotic worker ant in love with a rebellious princess rises to not going stardom while he switches locations with a soldier. Signing up to march in a parade, he ends up below the command of a bloodthirsty standard. But he's truly been enlisted to fight towards a termite navy.

Original title Antz
TMDb Rating 6.1 2667 votes

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