Contact (1997)


If it's just us, it seems like an awful waste of space. 1997/7/11 150 Min.
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Robert Zemeckis
Robert Zemeckis


Jodie Foster is Eleanor Arroway
Jodie Foster
Eleanor Arroway
Matthew McConaughey is Palmer Joss
Matthew McConaughey
Palmer Joss
James Woods is Michael Kitz
James Woods
Michael Kitz
John Hurt is S. R. Hadden
John Hurt
S. R. Hadden
Tom Skerritt is David Drumlin
Tom Skerritt
David Drumlin
William Fichtner is Kent Clark
William Fichtner
Kent Clark
David Morse is Ted Arroway
David Morse
Ted Arroway
Angela Bassett is Rachel Constantine
Angela Bassett
Rachel Constantine
Geoffrey Blake is Fisher
Geoffrey Blake
Max Martini is Willie
Max Martini


Contact is a technology fiction film about an stumble upon with alien intelligence. Based on the unconventional by Carl Sagan the movie starred Jodie Foster as the one selected scientist who need to make some tough decisions among her beliefs, the reality, and reality.

Original title Contact
TMDb Rating 7.3 2253 votes

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