Trainspotting (1996)


Choose life. 1996/2/23 94 Min.
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Danny Boyle
Danny Boyle


Ewan McGregor is Mark "Rent Boy" Renton
Ewan McGregor
Mark "Rent Boy" Renton
Ewen Bremner is Daniel "Spud" Murphy
Ewen Bremner
Daniel "Spud" Murphy
Jonny Lee Miller is Simon "Sick Boy" Williamson
Jonny Lee Miller
Simon "Sick Boy" Williamson
Robert Carlyle is Francis "Franco" Begbie
Robert Carlyle
Francis "Franco" Begbie
Kelly Macdonald is Diane Coulston
Kelly Macdonald
Diane Coulston
Kevin McKidd is Thomas "Tommy" MacKenzie
Kevin McKidd
Thomas "Tommy" MacKenzie
Peter Mullan is Swanney "Mother Superior"
Peter Mullan
Swanney "Mother Superior"
James Cosmo is Mr. Renton
James Cosmo
Mr. Renton
Eileen Nicholas is Mrs. Renton
Eileen Nicholas
Mrs. Renton
Susan Vidler is Allison
Susan Vidler


Mark Renton, deeply immersed inside the Edinburgh drug scene, tries to clean up and get out, despite the appeal of the drugs and impact of buddies.

Original title Trainspotting
TMDb Rating 8 5550 votes

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