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The Cable Guy (1996)

The Cable Guy

There's no such thing as free cable. 1996/6/10 96 min.
Average: 5.8 (1191 votes)
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Ben Stiller
Ben Stiller


Jim Carrey is Cable Guy
Jim Carrey
Cable Guy
Matthew Broderick is Steven M. Kovacs
Matthew Broderick
Steven M. Kovacs
Leslie Mann is Robin Harris
Leslie Mann
Robin Harris
Jack Black is Rick
Jack Black
George Segal is Steven's father
George Segal
Steven's father
Diane Baker is Steven's Mother
Diane Baker
Steven's Mother
Ben Stiller is Sam Sweet / Stan Sweet
Ben Stiller
Sam Sweet / Stan Sweet
Eric Roberts is Eric Roberts
Eric Roberts
Eric Roberts
Janeane Garofalo is Medieval Times Waitress
Janeane Garofalo
Medieval Times Waitress
Andy Dick is Medieval Times Host
Andy Dick
Medieval Times Host


When currently single Steven movements into his new condo, cable man Chip involves hook him up—and would not let go. Initially, Chip is just overzealous in his choice to be Steven's pal, but whilst Steven tries to stop the 'friendship', Chip shows his darkish side. He starts offevolved stalking Steven, who's left to fend for himself due to the fact no one else can believe Chip's able to such behaviour.

Original title The Cable Guy
TMDb Rating 5.8 1191 votes

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