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Pom Poko (1994)

Pom Poko

A Fantastic Tale Of Survival 1994/7/16 119 min.
Average: 7.2 (398 votes)
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Isao Takahata
Isao Takahata


Shinchou Kokontei is Narrator (voice)
Shinchou Kokontei
Narrator (voice)
Makoto Nonomura is Shoukichi (voice)
Makoto Nonomura
Shoukichi (voice)
Nijiko Kiyokawa is "Old Fireball" Oroku (voice)
Nijiko Kiyokawa
"Old Fireball" Oroku (voice)
Shigeru Izumiya is Gonta (voice)
Shigeru Izumiya
Gonta (voice)
Kosan Yanagiya is Tsurukame (voice)
Kosan Yanagiya
Tsurukame (voice)
Norihei Miki is Seizaemon (voice)
Norihei Miki
Seizaemon (voice)
Yuriko Ishida is Kiyo (voice)
Yuriko Ishida
Kiyo (voice)
Akira Kamiya is Tamasaburo (voice)
Akira Kamiya
Tamasaburo (voice)
Takehiro Murata is Bunta (voice)
Takehiro Murata
Bunta (voice)
Bunshi Katsura is Yashimano Hage (voice)
Bunshi Katsura
Yashimano Hage (voice)


The Raccoons of the Tama Hills are being forced from their houses through the fast development of houses and buying department stores. As it will become more difficult to find meals and refuge, they determine to band collectively and fight again. The Raccoons exercise and perfect the ancient art of transformation until they are even able to seem as humans in hilarious instances.

Original title 平成狸合戦ぽんぽこ
TMDb Rating 7.2 398 votes

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