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Hard Target (1993)

Hard Target

Don't hunt what you can't kill. 1993/8/20 97 min.
Average: 6.1 (469 votes)
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John Woo
John Woo


Jean-Claude Van Damme is Chance Boudreaux
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Chance Boudreaux
Arnold Vosloo is Pik van Cleef
Arnold Vosloo
Pik van Cleef
Lance Henriksen is Emil Fouchon
Lance Henriksen
Emil Fouchon
Yancy Butler is Natasha Binder
Yancy Butler
Natasha Binder
Sven-Ole Thorsen is Stephan
Sven-Ole Thorsen
Wilford Brimley is Uncle Douvee
Wilford Brimley
Uncle Douvee
Ted Raimi is Man on the Street
Ted Raimi
Man on the Street
Kasi Lemmons is Det. Marie Mitchell
Kasi Lemmons
Det. Marie Mitchell
Willie C. Carpenter is Elijah Roper
Willie C. Carpenter
Elijah Roper
Eliott Keener is Randal Poe
Eliott Keener
Randal Poe


When a female's father goes lacking, she enlist a nearby to aid in her seek. The pair quickly discover that her father has died on the palms of a rich sportsman who hunts homeless guys as a form of activity.

Original title Hard Target
TMDb Rating 6.1 469 votes

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