JFK (1991)


The story that won’t go away. 1991/12/20 189 Min.
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7.7 952 votes


Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone


Kevin Costner is Jim Garrison
Kevin Costner
Jim Garrison
Tommy Lee Jones is Clay Shaw/Clay Bertrand
Tommy Lee Jones
Clay Shaw/Clay Bertrand
Gary Oldman is Lee Harvey Oswald
Gary Oldman
Lee Harvey Oswald
Kevin Bacon is Willie O'Keefe
Kevin Bacon
Willie O'Keefe
Michael Rooker is Bill Broussard
Michael Rooker
Bill Broussard
Jack Lemmon is Jack Martin
Jack Lemmon
Jack Martin
Laurie Metcalf is Susie Cox
Laurie Metcalf
Susie Cox
Sissy Spacek is Liz Garrison
Sissy Spacek
Liz Garrison
Joe Pesci is David Ferrie
Joe Pesci
David Ferrie
John Candy is Dean Andrews
John Candy
Dean Andrews


New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison discovers there's more to the Kennedy assassination than the respectable story.

Original title JFK
TMDb Rating 7.7 952 votes

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