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Hudson Hawk (1991)

Hudson Hawk

Danger is his middle name. 1991/5/23 100 min.
Average: 5.7 (485 votes)
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Michael Lehmann
Michael Lehmann


Bruce Willis is Eddie 'Hudson Hawk' Hawkins
Bruce Willis
Eddie 'Hudson Hawk' Hawkins
Danny Aiello is Tommy Five-Tone
Danny Aiello
Tommy Five-Tone
Andie MacDowell is Anna Baragli
Andie MacDowell
Anna Baragli
James Coburn is George Kaplan
James Coburn
George Kaplan
Richard E. Grant is Darwin Mayflower
Richard E. Grant
Darwin Mayflower
Sandra Bernhard is Minerva Mayflower
Sandra Bernhard
Minerva Mayflower
David Caruso is Kit Kat
David Caruso
Kit Kat
Frank Stallone is Cesar Mario
Frank Stallone
Cesar Mario
Donald Burton is Alfred
Donald Burton
Don Harvey is Snickers
Don Harvey


Eddie Hawkins, referred to as Hudson Hawk has simply been launched from ten years of jail and is planning to spend the relaxation of his lifestyles definitely. But then the crazy Mayflower couple blackmail him to thieve a number of the works of Leonardo da Vinci. If he refuses, they threaten to kill his pal Tommy.

Original title Hudson Hawk
TMDb Rating 5.7 485 votes

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