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Shipwrecked (1990)


1990/10/3 92 min.
Average: 6.7 (24 votes)
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Nils Gaup
Nils Gaup


Stian Smestad is Haakon Haakonsen
Stian Smestad
Haakon Haakonsen
Gabriel Byrne is Lt. John Merrick
Gabriel Byrne
Lt. John Merrick
Louisa Milwood-Haigh is Mary
Louisa Milwood-Haigh
Bjørn Sundquist is Mr. Håkonsen
Bjørn Sundquist
Mr. Håkonsen
Joachim Rafaelsen is Ole
Joachim Rafaelsen
William Ilkley is Pirate
William Ilkley
Trond Peter Stamsø Munch is Jens
Trond Peter Stamsø Munch
Eva von Hanno is Mrs. Håkonsen
Eva von Hanno
Mrs. Håkonsen
Kjell Stormoen is The Captain
Kjell Stormoen
The Captain
Karl Sundby is Bosun
Karl Sundby


The writer OV Falck Ytter, presents this literary work brought to the big screen by the Norwegian director Nils Gaup, and the producers John M. Jacobsen and Nigel Wooll; this film was screened for the first time in Norway on October 3, 1990, and thanks to its great reception it was distributed in the United States of America and part of Europe, premiering on March 1 and August 1, 1991 respectively.

The tape is set in the nineteenth century, about 1850 approximately; It tells the story of a young man who had to assume the responsibilities of his sick father and aboard a ship to support his impoverished home.

Haakon Haakonsen is a boy who climbs aboard a cargo ship, which arrives at several ports in Europe and Oceania to market and deliver cargo; the young man takes the place of his sick father, and is named a cabin boy, who is no more than the young capital helper, who serves as a mandate.

Fearful and nervous for all that he will live, the young Haakonsen takes a little time to acclimatize to the life of the sailor, but over the days he overcomes the difficulties, and manages to gain the sympathy of his shipmates, especially Jens, a good friend of his father who adopted him as a kind of older brother.

The first robbery of the boat takes place in an Australian port, where British officer Howell is picked up; who according to the logbook will provide security to the ship with its extensive knowledge against piracy. But, the cabin boy realizes that Howell enters a firearm into the ship; Haakon wants to inform the captain of the novelty, but the skilled British officer persuades him for a moment.

The ship sails from Australia and sails to the open sea, Haakon makes around and suddenly gets a cop; a girl named Mary, for which she feels immediate attraction and agrees not to say anything to the captain.

A few days after arriving at the next port, a mysterious disease quickly kills the respected ship's captain, his companion; the first officer has poisoned him in complicity with Howell, whom to appoint a new captain for being the highest-ranking officer aboard the ship.

When touching port again, Howell climbs onboard a new crew, a group of men that nobody understands because they should be part of the trip.

For the former sailors, living together on the ship is hell, Jens and the crew is tired of Howell's mistreatment and arbitrariness. In the middle of the trip, one of his men discovers Mary, the cop; the now Capital of the Ship calls everyone on deck and introduces the intruder; request that the culprit to help her step forward or be thrown overboard.

Haakon takes courage and assumes his responsibility, Howell annoyingly condemns him to be heavily flogged; Jens and the original crew oppose such punishment, claiming that he is only a child and that he does not know the marine laws; Howell increases punishment and orders Jens to be the executioner.

But, fortunately for the boy, a great storm lashes the seas; strong winds knock down the masts and finally sink the boat. The situation that allowed Haakon to escape if he was punished.

The young man manages to shipwreck to a small desert island; when you start exploring get a pirate treasure hidden among branches and bushes; inside it was a poster of the authorities asking for the capture of the pirate and murderer danger called Merrick.

Haakon recognizes the man in the portrait, he is the supposed Captain Howell; who lies dead in Australia at the hands of the impostor pirate; the young man must find a way to return home and if it is possible to find his friends to alert on Merrick's plans, it will not be easy, but the child changes everything to achieve it.

Original title Håkon Håkonsen
TMDb Rating 6.7 24 votes

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