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GoodFellas (1990)


Three Decades of Life in the Mafia. 1990/9/12 145 min.
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Another great movie about an America with wealth and power, the Great Depression, is GoodFellas. If you don't know much about this movie, then you might be interested to know that it is based on true events. When one of the best American mobsters is brought in jail, he gets to observe an American dream of a kid who falls into all of the many problems that occur when he or she goes from being a little kid to an adult.

The movie's plot line revolves around the loners who are after their dreams of becoming America's next big movie star. In fact, some people may have seen the movie because they look for movie stars. They love seeing movies where the celebrities have to worry about making a movie or getting into trouble while filming. GoodFellas has been one of those movies.

Original cast members in the movie include Martin Short, Ray Liotta, John Cazale, and Robert Duvall. Others who come back again include Charlie Sheen, Richard Gere, Vince Vaughn, Terry Crews, Chris Parnell, and Frank Vincent. In addition, Martin Balsam and Mary McCormack reprise their roles from the previous version of the movie. These are all known actors who are popular for many things. The real Hollywood is never too far away.

What makes GoodFellas such a great movie is that you'll always remember your favorite scenes from the movies while you watch this movie. Those scenes include the one where Eddie (Martin Short) runs his taxi service while the neighborhood kids take pictures of him at the corner store.

In another scene, he's buying a bottle of wine and he sees the guy with the trunk of a brand new car which is parked outside the town house where he's staying. You can see how popular the characters of GoodFellas are and the movie is based on those people as well.

The makers of the movie wanted to make the movie they wanted to make, and in doing so, made a movie about America that most people recognize. Everyone knows about the little kid who will be America's next big movie star. The producers and director made this movie from what they saw as real people who were very similar to the people in their own communities.

Many of these scenes make the movie as touching as it is a long way from being a very serious film. Many of the characters of the movie live in tough situations but do what they do every day to stay alive.

When you want to watch a movie about Hollywood in the nineties, it can be found on Netflix. However, for anyone who doesn't want to see a movie about a gangster, they can watch GoodFellas on DVD or rent the movie in most of the stores.

Original title GoodFellas
TMDb Rating 8.4 6688 votes

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