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RoboCop (1987)


Part man. Part machine. All cop. The future of law enforcement. 1987/7/17 102 min.
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Paul Verhoeven
Paul Verhoeven


Peter Weller is RoboCop / Officer Alex J. Murphy
Peter Weller
RoboCop / Officer Alex J. Murphy
Nancy Allen is Officer Anne Lewis
Nancy Allen
Officer Anne Lewis
Ronny Cox is Dick Jones
Ronny Cox
Dick Jones
Kurtwood Smith is Clarence Boddicker
Kurtwood Smith
Clarence Boddicker
Miguel Ferrer is Bob Morton
Miguel Ferrer
Bob Morton
Ray Wise is Leon Nash
Ray Wise
Leon Nash
Felton Perry is Johnson
Felton Perry
Paul McCrane is Emil Antonowsky
Paul McCrane
Emil Antonowsky
Jesse D. Goins is Joe Cox
Jesse D. Goins
Joe Cox
Robert DoQui is Sgt. Warren Reed
Robert DoQui
Sgt. Warren Reed


In a violent, close to-apocalyptic Detroit, evil enterprise Omni Consumer Products wins a settlement from the city authorities to privatize the police force. To test their crime-removing cyborgs, the corporation leads road cop Alex Murphy into an armed disagreement with crime lord Boddicker that allows you to use his frame to guide their untested RoboCop prototype. But while RoboCop learns of the agency's nefarious plans, he turns on his masters.

Original title RoboCop
TMDb Rating 7.2 2632 votes

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