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Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

Big Trouble in Little China

Adventure doesn't come any bigger! 1986/5/30 99 min.
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John Carpenter
John Carpenter


Kurt Russell is Jack Burton
Kurt Russell
Jack Burton
Kim Cattrall is Gracie Law
Kim Cattrall
Gracie Law
Dennis Dun is Wang Chi
Dennis Dun
Wang Chi
James Hong is Lo Pan
James Hong
Lo Pan
Victor Wong is Egg Shen
Victor Wong
Egg Shen
Kate Burton is Margo
Kate Burton
Donald Li is Eddie Lee
Donald Li
Eddie Lee
Carter Wong is Thunder
Carter Wong
Peter Kwong is Rain
Peter Kwong
James Pax is Lightning
James Pax


"Yes, that this Mortal Kombat is the video game of Big Trouble in Little China. Johnny Cage is Kurt Russell, Liu Kang is the Chinese, Raiden is the demon that of the rays, Goro is the monster with the appearance of a dog and the bad ending is Lo-Pang. " This affirmation so free is that made by many people.

It has been known that the creators of Mortal Kombat were effectively inspired by this movie for some characters such as Raiden or Shang Tsung. But from there to that the star title of Nether Realm and the John Carpenter movie are the same, it goes a long way. However, and here we have to be honest, Big Trouble  in Little China was a film that marked a generation, even if it was actually a fiasco father at the box office. Hence, we are pleased that there is a certain similarity between the fighters of the game and the protagonists of this film.

Big Trouble in Little China was a film released in 1986 and, as we say, it was a failure at the time. Of the 25 million dollars it cost, it only raised 11 millions. A good part of this strike was due to the fact that it premiered coinciding with Aliens: The Return, a blockbuster that was paperwork in terms of collection. The film was originally conceived as a martial arts western, set at the end of the 19th century, but Fox finally chose to recreate it in the eighties of the last century. This detail, although you do not believe them, generated a real mess at the time of the credits and on who was or not the original author of the story.

The plot of Big Trouble in Little China follows in the footsteps of Jack Burton (Kurt Russell), who is involved in a complex plot of black magic when Miao Yin (Suzee Pai), the girlfriend of his friend Wang Chi (Dennis Dun), is kidnapped by gang members of the triads. Jack and Wang will enter the San Francisco neighborhood of Little China with the intention of rescuing the girl, without knowing that they are in the middle of a war between good and evil that has been fought for two thousand years.

And here we tell you, just in case you haven't seen it yet. If so, you are already taking time to go to Netflix to see it, because they just added it a few days ago to their catalog.

From dialogues and tropes to visual effects, through photography and aesthetics, Big Trouble in Little China is a sample of the best adventure cinema of the eighties. It is a film that begins calmly, but from the minute five it does not give us truce until its final conclusion. Not even in the brief moments when it seems that the film stops to recover itself. And we love that! In fact, only towards the end of the tape can it be made a little thick. And it's because the outcome is waiting and sometimes it gets a little heavy. But, aside from that, the movie meets entertainment.

We are facing an exciting eighties action and adventure film that drinks stereotypes and the foundations of the fantastic black literature of the thirties and martial arts cinema of the 70s, being a hybrid of these two genres. The same is the basis of its charm and at the same time its main problem.

Come on, despite his anachronistic speech, it is still an ideal movie to watch on Saturday nights and laugh at it, after dinner or when you really want to put it on.

Original title Big Trouble in Little China
TMDb Rating 7.2 1508 votes

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