This Is Spinal Tap (1984)

This Is Spinal Tap

Prepare to crank those amps up to eleven 1984/5/4 82 Min.
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7.6 726 votes


Rob Reiner
Rob Reiner


Christopher Guest is Nigel Tufnel
Christopher Guest
Nigel Tufnel
Michael McKean is David St. Hubbins
Michael McKean
David St. Hubbins
Harry Shearer is Derek Smalls
Harry Shearer
Derek Smalls
Rob Reiner is Marty DiBergi
Rob Reiner
Marty DiBergi
June Chadwick is Jeanine Pettibone
June Chadwick
Jeanine Pettibone
Bruno Kirby is Tommy Pischedda
Bruno Kirby
Tommy Pischedda
Ed Begley Jr. is John 'Stumpy' Pepys
Ed Begley Jr.
John 'Stumpy' Pepys
Fran Drescher is Bobbi Flekman
Fran Drescher
Bobbi Flekman
Dana Carvey is Mime Waiter
Dana Carvey
Mime Waiter
Sandy Helberg is Angelo DiMentibelio
Sandy Helberg
Angelo DiMentibelio


"This Is Spinal Tap" shines a light on the self-contained universe of a metal band suffering to get lower back on the charts, consisting of everything from its complex records of americaand downs, gold albums, call modifications and undersold live performance dates, together with the overall host of needful groupies, promoters, hangers-on and historians, classes, release occasions and people special in the back of-the-scenes moments that hold all of it real.

Original title This Is Spinal Tap
TMDb Rating 7.6 726 votes

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