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Sixteen Candles (1984)

Sixteen Candles

When you're just sixteen anything can happen! 1984/5/4 93 min.
Average: 6.8 (1177 votes)
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John Hughes
John Hughes


Molly Ringwald is Samantha 'Sam' Baker
Molly Ringwald
Samantha 'Sam' Baker
Justin Henry is Mike Baker
Justin Henry
Mike Baker
Michael Schoeffling is Jake Ryan
Michael Schoeffling
Jake Ryan
Haviland Morris is Caroline Mulford
Haviland Morris
Caroline Mulford
Gedde Watanabe is Long Duk Dong
Gedde Watanabe
Long Duk Dong
Anthony Michael Hall is Geek 'Farmer Ted'
Anthony Michael Hall
Geek 'Farmer Ted'
Paul Dooley is Jim Baker
Paul Dooley
Jim Baker
Carlin Glynn is Brenda Baker
Carlin Glynn
Brenda Baker
Blanche Baker is Ginny Baker
Blanche Baker
Ginny Baker
Edward Andrews is Howard Baker
Edward Andrews
Howard Baker


A teenage female deals together with her dad and mom forgetting her birthday and a overwhelm on her excessive school's heartthrob.

Original title Sixteen Candles
TMDb Rating 6.8 1177 votes

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