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The Meaning of Life (1983)

The Meaning of Life

It took God six days to create the earth, and Monty Python just 90 minutes to screw it up. 1983/3/31 107 min.
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Terry Gilliam
Terry Gilliam
Terry Jones
Terry Jones


Terry Gilliam is Diverse Rollen
Terry Gilliam
Diverse Rollen
Graham Chapman is Diverse Rollen
Graham Chapman
Diverse Rollen
John Cleese is Diverse Rollen
John Cleese
Diverse Rollen
Eric Idle is Diverse Rollen
Eric Idle
Diverse Rollen
Terry Jones is Diverse Rollen
Terry Jones
Diverse Rollen
Michael Palin is Diverse Rollen
Michael Palin
Diverse Rollen
Carol Cleveland is Diverse Rollen
Carol Cleveland
Diverse Rollen
Simon Jones is Cedric
Simon Jones
Patricia Quinn is Mrs. Williams
Patricia Quinn
Mrs. Williams
Judy Loe is Nurse #1
Judy Loe
Nurse #1


Life's questions are 'replied' in a sequence of outrageous vignettes, starting with a staid London insurance employer which transforms earlier than our eyes into a pirate ship. Then there's the National Health medical doctors who try to declare a healthful liver from a nevertheless-dwelling donor. The world's maximum voracious glutton brings the artwork of vomiting to new heights earlier than his spectacular death.

Original title The Meaning of Life
TMDb Rating 7.4 998 votes

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