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American Graffiti (1973)

American Graffiti

Where were you in '62? 1973/8/1 110 min.
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George Lucas
George Lucas


Richard Dreyfuss is Curt Henderson
Richard Dreyfuss
Curt Henderson
Ron Howard is Steve Bolander
Ron Howard
Steve Bolander
Paul Le Mat is John Milner
Paul Le Mat
John Milner
Charles Martin Smith is Terry 'The Toad' Fields
Charles Martin Smith
Terry 'The Toad' Fields
Harrison Ford is Bob Falfa
Harrison Ford
Bob Falfa
Cindy Williams is Laurie Henderson
Cindy Williams
Laurie Henderson
Candy Clark is Debbie Dunham
Candy Clark
Debbie Dunham
Mackenzie Phillips is Carol
Mackenzie Phillips
Wolfman Jack is XERB Disc Jockey
Wolfman Jack
XERB Disc Jockey
Bo Hopkins is Joe Young
Bo Hopkins
Joe Young


A couple of excessive faculty graduates spend one very last night time cruising the strip with their pals earlier than they go off to university.

Original title American Graffiti
TMDb Rating 7.1 712 votes

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