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2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

2001: A Space Odyssey

The ultimate trip 1968/4/9 149 min.
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Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick


Keir Dullea is Dr. David Bowman
Keir Dullea
Dr. David Bowman
Gary Lockwood is Dr. Frank Poole
Gary Lockwood
Dr. Frank Poole
William Sylvester is Dr. Heywood Floyd
William Sylvester
Dr. Heywood Floyd
Douglas Rain is HAL 9000 (voice)
Douglas Rain
HAL 9000 (voice)
Daniel Richter is Moonwatcher
Daniel Richter
Leonard Rossiter is Dr. Andrei Smyslov
Leonard Rossiter
Dr. Andrei Smyslov
Margaret Tyzack is Elena
Margaret Tyzack
Robert Beatty is Dr. Ralph Halvorsen
Robert Beatty
Dr. Ralph Halvorsen
Sean Sullivan is Dr. Roy Michaels
Sean Sullivan
Dr. Roy Michaels
Frank Miller is Mission Controller
Frank Miller
Mission Controller


Humanity reveals a mysterious item buried beneath the lunar surface and units off to locate its origins with the help of HAL 9000, the sector's most superior excellent laptop.

Original title 2001: A Space Odyssey
TMDb Rating 8 6378 votes

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