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The Sword in the Stone (1963)

The Sword in the Stone

Tired of living in a Medieval mess...Merlin uses all his magic powers to change a scrawny little boy into a legendary hero! 1963/12/25 79 min.
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Wolfgang Reitherman
Wolfgang Reitherman


Sebastian Cabot is The Narrator/Sir Ector (voice)
Sebastian Cabot
The Narrator/Sir Ector (voice)
Karl Swenson is Merlin (voice)
Karl Swenson
Merlin (voice)
Junius Matthews is Archimedes the Owl (voice)
Junius Matthews
Archimedes the Owl (voice)
Norman Alden is Kay (voice)
Norman Alden
Kay (voice)
Rickie Sorensen is Wart (voice)
Rickie Sorensen
Wart (voice)
Ginny Tyler is Little Girl Squirrel (voice)
Ginny Tyler
Little Girl Squirrel (voice)
Martha Wentworth is Madam Mim / Old Lady Squirrel
Martha Wentworth
Madam Mim / Old Lady Squirrel
Alan Napier is Sir Pellinore (voice)
Alan Napier
Sir Pellinore (voice)
Richard Reitherman is Wart (voice)
Richard Reitherman
Wart (voice)
Robert Reitherman is Wart (voice)
Robert Reitherman
Wart (voice)


Wart is a younger boy who aspires to be a knight's squire. On a looking ride he falls in on Merlin, a effective but amnesiac wizard who has plans for him past mere squiredom. He begins through seeking to deliver him an schooling, believing that once one has an training, you could move anywhere. Needless to mention, it does not quite exercise session that way.

Original title The Sword in the Stone
TMDb Rating 7.2 2210 votes

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