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The Birds (1963)

The Birds

...and remember, the next scream you hear may be your own! 1963/3/28 119 Min.
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Alfred Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock


Rod Taylor is Mitch Brenner
Rod Taylor
Mitch Brenner
Tippi Hedren is Melanie Daniels
Tippi Hedren
Melanie Daniels
Jessica Tandy is Lydia Brenner
Jessica Tandy
Lydia Brenner
Veronica Cartwright is Cathy Brenner
Veronica Cartwright
Cathy Brenner
Suzanne Pleshette is Annie Hayworth
Suzanne Pleshette
Annie Hayworth
Lonny Chapman is Diner owner
Lonny Chapman
Diner owner
Ethel Griffies is Mrs. Bundy
Ethel Griffies
Mrs. Bundy
Doreen Lang is Hysterical Mother in Diner
Doreen Lang
Hysterical Mother in Diner
Ruth McDevitt is Mrs. MacGruder
Ruth McDevitt
Mrs. MacGruder
Richard Deacon is Man in hotel corridor
Richard Deacon
Man in hotel corridor


Chic socialite Melanie Daniels enjoys a passing flirtation with an eligible legal professional in a San Francisco puppy shop and, on an impulse, follows him to his place of birth bearing a present of lovebirds. But upon her arrival, the bird population runs amok. Suddenly, the townsfolk face a big avian onslaught, with the feathered fiends inexplicably attacking human beings all over Bodega Bay.

Original title The Birds
TMDb Rating 7.5 2041 votes

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