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Bambi (1942)


A great love story. 1942/8/14 70 min.
Average: 6.9 (3267 votes)
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David Hand
David Hand
James Algar
James Algar
Samuel Armstrong
Samuel Armstrong
William Roberts
William Roberts
Paul Satterfield
Paul Satterfield
Graham Heid
Graham Heid
Norman Wright
Norman Wright


Donnie Dunagan is Young Bambi (voice)
Donnie Dunagan
Young Bambi (voice)
Peter Behn is Young Thumper (voice)
Peter Behn
Young Thumper (voice)
Stan Alexander is Young Flower (voice)
Stan Alexander
Young Flower (voice)
Cammie King is Young Faline (voice)
Cammie King
Young Faline (voice)
Will Wright is Friend Owl (voice)
Will Wright
Friend Owl (voice)
Hardie Albright is Adolescent Bambi (voice)
Hardie Albright
Adolescent Bambi (voice)
Ann Gillis is Adolescent Faline (voice)
Ann Gillis
Adolescent Faline (voice)
Tim Davis is Adolescent Thumper / Adolescent Flower (voice)
Tim Davis
Adolescent Thumper / Adolescent Flower (voice)
Sam Edwards is Adult Thumper (voice)
Sam Edwards
Adult Thumper (voice)
Sterling Holloway is Adult Flower (voice)
Sterling Holloway
Adult Flower (voice)


Bambi's story unfolds from season to season as the young prince of the forest learns about existence, love, and friends.

Original title Bambi
TMDb Rating 6.9 3267 votes

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