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Citizen Kane (1941)

Citizen Kane

It's terrific! 1941/4/30 119 min.
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Orson Welles
Orson Welles


Orson Welles is Charles Foster Kane
Orson Welles
Charles Foster Kane
Joseph Cotten is Jedediah Leland
Joseph Cotten
Jedediah Leland
Dorothy Comingore is Susan Alexander Kane
Dorothy Comingore
Susan Alexander Kane
Ray Collins is Jim W. Gettys
Ray Collins
Jim W. Gettys
George Coulouris is Walter Parks Thatcher
George Coulouris
Walter Parks Thatcher
Agnes Moorehead is Mary Kane
Agnes Moorehead
Mary Kane
Paul Stewart is Raymond
Paul Stewart
Ruth Warrick is Emily Norton Kane
Ruth Warrick
Emily Norton Kane
Erskine Sanford is Herbert Carter
Erskine Sanford
Herbert Carter
William Alland is Jerry Thompson/Narrator
William Alland
Jerry Thompson/Narrator


Newspaper magnate, Charles Foster Kane is taken from his mom as a boy and made the ward of a wealthy industrialist. As a result, each nicely-which means, tyrannical or self-damaging move he makes for the rest of his existence appears in some manner to be a response to that deeply wounding occasion.

Original title Citizen Kane
TMDb Rating 8.1 2647 votes

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